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Julia Roberts takes a stand for LGBTI youth with this simple but powerful photo

Julia Roberts takes a stand for LGBTI youth with this simple but powerful photo

Julia Roberts

Oscar-winning actor Julia Roberts is taking a stand for LGBTI youth — again.

In a new Instagram post, Roberts poses in front of a gender neutral bathroom. Her caption reads: ‘I wish they all said this.’

She also encouraged people to check out her Instagram story, which was about showing her support for GSLEN.

Formerly known as the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, GLSEN is an education-based organization focused on improving the quality and inclusiveness of school experience for LGBTI students.

‘GLSEN makes schools safe for every student no matter your sexual orientation or gender identity,’ Roberts said in her story, and encouraged people to donate.

A report done by GLSEN earlier this year found that a majority of public schoos in the United States are unsafe for LGBTI students, due to discrimination, bullying, and more.

The importance of facilities like gender-neutral restrooms are especially critical as 2% of all US high school students identify as transgender.

LGBTI issues are becoming a hot-button topic in schools, not only in the US, but across the world. The city of Birmingham in England is currently embroiled in a bitter debate regarding LGBTI lessons being taught in school.

A loyal ally

This is the second post Roberts has made in the past month supporting LGBTI youth.

On 11 April, ahead of the Day of Silence, she posted a video of herself being silent for several seconds. In her caption, she encouraged her followers to also participate in the Day of Silence the next day.

This campign, run by GLSEN, encourages people to take a vow of silence on the same day. This vow highlights the silencing and erasure of LGBTI youth in school, as well as bullying.

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