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Julie White surpised, but glad to be playing a lesbian on NBC's Go On

Creators of Matthew Perry sitcom threw actress a curveball after she was cast

Julie White surpised, but glad to be playing a lesbian on NBC's Go On

Scott Silveri, creator of the new NBC sitcom Go On, says that even though he’s not gay, he did have an experience similar to what he imagines coming out is like.

He had already cast Julie White to be one of Matthew Perry’s co-stars in the new comedy about an irreverent yet charming sportscaster (Perry) who, after the loss of his wife, finds solace from members of his mandatory group therapy sessions.

He then had to call the actress to inform her that there had been a change in her character: she was now a lesbian.

‘When I originally signed on to do the show, the character was straight,’ White explained recently at the TV Critics Association Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills. ‘The lady’s husband had died really suddenly and left her home alone with teenagers and freaking out and almost furious about it, not even able to be sad yet. She was still mad at God and whatever. I thought, ‘Shit, there’s only like eight lines in the pilot but it’s so beautifully written I want to be part of it.’

Then came the awkward phone call from Silveri.

‘A few weeks later and Scott called me at home and he was kind of hemming and hawing and I don’t know if I said it out loud but in my mind I thought, ‘Oh, she’s gay.” White told reporters, including Gay Star News. ‘I thought, ‘How smart and how fresh to talk about families from a different perspective and that the idea of losing your spouse or your partner is the same kind of grief for everyone. In that way, Matthew and I, our characters, are on a very similar journey.’

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