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This is what trans activist Juno Dawson has to say about transphobic feminists

This is what trans activist Juno Dawson has to say about transphobic feminists

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Trans activist and author Juno Dawson has spoken out about the abuse she receives from transphobic feminists, saying: ‘It’s horrible. It feels like bullying.’

She furthermore added: ‘I haven’t done anything to harm anyone and don’t intend to.’

‘I don’t think they’re feminists, I think they’re prejudiced,’ she added, speaking to Femail. ‘If you make sweeping statements about minority groups, you’re a bigot.’

Juno’s words are pertinent given a protest against trans women led by a group of lesbian activists occurred at Pride in London on Saturday (7 July).

The group of eight women stormed the parade route without accreditation.

One of their banners read: ‘Transactivism erases lesbians’.

Juno Dawson | Photo: Eivind Hansen

Elaborating on the subject to Gay Star News today, Juno said: ‘I hope that, following the incident at Pride in London, people realise the extent to which the environment, in the press and in real life, is getting scary for trans people.

‘It’s time for everyone to speak out against hate and prejudice. Don’t let bigots speak for you.’

Speaking to Femail, Juno also opened up about her fears as a trans person saying: ‘The worst part is the fear that you might be battered or murdered on the street. Groups of men can be very unkind.’

Juno was speaking ahead of appearance at Latitude Festival today.

She will take part in the ‘Who owns the New Feminism’ discussion presented by The Women’s Prize for Fiction later.

‘I’m finally who I was supposed to be’

She furthermore added: ‘I’m finally who I was supposed to be. On a physical, emotional and spiritual level it’s enormously freeing. Pretending to be a boy almost pushed me to the edge.

‘But it is gruelling practically. No one enters transition for the LOLZ.’

Lesbian activists block Pride in London march to protest against trans women