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Justin Timberlake is back and hopefully in a leotard

Justin Timberlake is back and hopefully in a leotard

What goes around comes around, and someone somewhere must have done something good because sexy is coming back.

That’s right ladies and gentleman, Justin Timberlake tweeted yesterday (10 January) he is finally ‘ready’ to release a new solo single and album after a six year hiatus.

Word is, old Trouser Snake will be announcing exactly what he is ready for on Monday (14 January).

But with the equally exciting news that Destiny’s Child will also be making a long overdue comeback this year, what would really make the GSN team pee their pants with joy is to see Timberlake camp it up again like he did when he joined Beyonce for a parody of her gay anthem Single Ladies.

The baby-faced star had the world in stitches when he slipped into a black leotard to shake his booty with the R&B goddess for a spoof version of her iconic music video for US comedy show SNL.

And with Beyonce already confirming she’ll be collaborating with Timberlake on her forthcoming album, who knows what slinky dresses the diva will have him trying on next.

If you’ve forgotten Timberlake’s sexy routine with Beyonce, here’s a reminder, as well as the Sexy Back singer’s teaser clip released this week: