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K-Pop group BTS drops first teaser of their collaboration with Halsey

K-Pop group BTS drops first teaser of their collaboration with Halsey

BTS and Halsey in the new teaser

K-Pop group BTS dropped the first teaser of their much-anticipated collaboration with American singer Halsey.

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Titled Boys With Luv, the short clip shows the boys of BTS sitting on a bench outside a movie theater. It then cuts to Halsey, managing the ticket booth. She leaves, locking up for the night, and glances at BTS before walking off into the evening.

The movie theater is named Persona, alluding to BTS’ upcoming new album, Persona: Map Of Soul. The album is set to be released on 12 April.

Halsey & BTS

Last year was when Halsey first dropped the hint that she’d be teaming up with BTS, revealing herself as a big fan of the group.

‘I think we both have this conceptual thing that we really like to do so it could be cool to find some kind of bridge that is really good for my MO. Something that signifies the whole thing together,’ the singer said at the time.

‘They were so inspirational to me when I was making Hopeless Kingdom because I’ve been on BTS for a really long time. I was watching some of their earlier concept videos and I saw some of the philosophical references they were using and the colors and the warmness, it inspired me so much.’

‘As someone who loves making concept videos for my fans, part of the fan experience of being a fan of them was going through all that. And I got to see it from the other side. It helped me when making my second album.’

‘I am rooting for them, man.’

The clip

Watch the teaser below:

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