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K-pop encourages LGBTI lifestyle and free sex, Indonesian Muslim preacher says

K-pop encourages LGBTI lifestyle and free sex, Indonesian Muslim preacher says

Korean boy band BTS

An Indonesian preacher has warned his audience on the dangers of listening to K-pop, including ‘promoting LGBTI lifestyles’.

Popular Muslim preacher Fuadh Naim has told his listeners to stay away from South Korean pop culture.

Fuadh is famous in Indonesia for being a spiritual student of preacher Felix Siauw, a Chinese-Indonesian who converted to Islam.

During a kajian – an Islamic learning forum – at a mosque in South Jakarta on 26 February, he claimed that Korean drama and music might expose people to LGBTI culture and free sex.

Skinship promotes homosexuality

While Fuadh admitted he himself had enjoyed Korean culture, he also said that certain elements of K-pop, such as skinship, might promote LGBTI ways of life.

Skinship is a popular term that refers to the close proximity between male idols and members of K-pop bands.

Despite a general anti-LGBTI attitude in South Korea, K-pop fans enjoy the possibility of two male idols being together. They actively ship band members and create fanfictions and fanart revolving around these fictional same-sex love stories.

K-pop fans should repent

‘(The Korean Wave) offers something interesting, and refreshing like water, which actually draws Muslims into the fire (of hell),’ Fuadh said.

‘Starting from today, let’s move on and pour our hearts out for Allah and his prophet Muhammad.’

The Straits Times reports that Fuadh, who has more than 55,600 followers on Instagram, will continue to campaign against the Korean Wave and ask Muslim fans of K-pop to repent.

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