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Kamala Harris officially announces bid for US presidency in 2020 election

Kamala Harris officially announces bid for US presidency in 2020 election

Kamala Harris at Pride

Democrat Kamala Harris just announced she’s running for President of the United States in the 2020 federal election.

Harris took to Twitter this morning (21 January) to announce the news, with the caption: ‘I’m running for president. Let’s do this together.’

The video features a diverse range of families. She wrote: ‘We know America can be better than this – but it’s on us to build it.’

Harris has a long pro-LGBTI record.

As a previous California attorney-general, she refused to defend Proposition 8 – a ban on same-sex marriage.

In fact, when marriage equality became legal in California, she officiated the first same-sex wedding.

Harris also co-sponsored a bill to remove the ‘pay panic’ defense. This defense basically gave a legal loophole where a defendant can claim they acted in a state of violent temporary insanity because of unwanted same-sex sexual advances.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris. | Photo: Mobilus In Mobili / Flickr

She’s also previously supported transgender student Gavin Grimm’s case in the Supreme Court.

Harris told Gay Star News in 2012: ‘Until all people have equal rights, especially on this issue of marriage, we can’t celebrate.’

She also previously blocked a ‘kill the gays’ proposal.

‘This proposal not only threatens public safety, it is patently unconstitutional, utterly reprehensible, and has no place in a civil society,’ Harris said.

Kamala Harris stands firm against Brett Kavanaugh

Kamala Harris also refused to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last year.

Kavanaugh avoided a question by Senator Harris about his support of the equal marriage ruling.

Harris asked him: ‘The question is very specific. Can you comment on your personal opinion on whether Obergefell was correctly decided. It’s a yes or no. Please.’

Obergefell V. Hodges (2015) was a landmark civil rights case, where the Supreme Court ruled that marriage was a fundamental right to all citizens. This then legalized same-sex marriage across all states.

But Kavanaugh side-stepped the question.

He then replied: ‘Justice Kennedy wrote: “The days of discriminating against gay and lesbian Americans or treating gay and lesbian Americans as inferior in dignity and worth are over.”‘

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