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Kansas families’ secretary in anti-gay adoption controversy

Kansas families’ secretary in anti-gay adoption controversy

The top official for Kansas’, US, Department for Children and Families has been investigated for bias against same sex families when picking foster homes.

Secretary Phyllis Gilmore was asked to resign after at least six cases of children fostered by heterosexual couples in preference to lesbian couples were found unfit for the children.

In one case last month a city council member and his wife were charged with child abuse and endangerment. The couple already had both biological and foster children, but were picked by the department instead of a lesbian couple.

The executive director of Equality Kansas, Tom Witt , said Gilmore should resign. Democratic state representative Jim Ward has asked for the same.

It has been described as a ‘spectre of wrongdoing’, by 17 signees of an open letter to governer Sam Brownback.

But secretary Gilmore has spoken out in an interview this week saying she is not guilty of anti-gay bias.

‘We’re talking about trying to get children into the best homes we can,’ she said.

‘Could that sometimes be a homosexual home? Of course.

‘But I still say that the preferred [situation] is for every child to have a mom and a dad, if possible, but it’s not always possible.’

Witt said her comments still suggest she ‘will discriminate against gays and lesbians.’