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Kansas will ban transgender people from updating their birth certificate

Kansas will ban transgender people from updating their birth certificate

New Kansas law could ban transgender people from changing their birth certificates

Kansas is looking to ban transgender people from updating their birth certificates.

Officials want to impose new regulations within six weeks that could force trans people to live with their original birth certificate, forever being forced to be reminded of being born in the ‘wrong’ body.

Transgender advocates warn these regulatory changes will cause more transgender youth to attempt suicide because the state will be rejecting their identities and preventing them from having authentic lives.

Republican Kansas senator Mary Pilcher-Cook said a birth certificate is ‘a record for future generations’ and shouldn’t be changed. She said the document should reflect the ‘science’ behind a person’s gender and not ‘political purposes’.

‘Men and women are biologically different,’ she said, according to AP. ‘I don’t think we should become detached from reatity.’

In February, trans woman Stephanie Mott filed a state-court lawsuit against the health department for not changing her birth certificate. Pedro Irigonegaray, her attorney, has said the new regulations only reflect the state’s ‘bigotry’.

Mott feared this will only cause more trans people to self-harm and commit suicide. ‘These regulations will be written in their blood,’ she said.

This is the latest attack on trans people after North Carolina, and many other jurisdictions, passing bathroom laws forcing trans people to use public bathrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. The US Justice Department and North Carolina’s state governor sued each other this week.