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Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown opens up about past suicide attempt

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown opens up about past suicide attempt

Karamo Brown in a hat and jacket

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown opened up about his previous suicide attempt 12 years ago from yesterday (30 August).

The Netflix show’s resident Culture expert took to Twitter to post a video explaining it all.

He wrote in the caption of the tweet: ‘Today in 2006 I was sitting on my couch alone and attempted to commit suicide.

‘In my mind life was over for me. But I got mental health support and worked each day to believe again. And here I am happy & healthy.

‘I made it and If you’re going through something you can make it too,’ he said.

Karamo Brown
Photo: @karamobrown / Instagram

He then said in the video: ‘I did attempt to commit suicide. I was in a very dark place [and] I just felt like life couldn’t get any better. Everything that was happening to me was never going to change and I tried to take my own life.’

Brown says if it wasn’t for his best friends Raymond and Tre calling the ambulance he ‘probably would not be here today’.

He continued: ‘As you see me on Queer Eye, helping people with their mental health and you see me on my social media helping people, it’s because it’s important to me.

‘I want you to know that things do get better. If you get help and you do the work daily, your life can change. I’m living proof of that.’

He then urges his followers to reach out to friends and family who might need support.

Watch the full video:

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