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Kath & Kim is now on Netflix – here are the show’s best moments

Kath & Kim is now on Netflix – here are the show’s best moments

Kath & Kim

Kath & Kim is a hugely popular Australian television series, especially among LGBTI audiences.

The multi-award winning television sitcom spans over four seasons and later a telemovie and a feature-length film.

The show stars comedians Jane Turner and Gina Riley, as well as a host of star-studded guest appearances, including Kylie Minogue, Eric Bana, Michael Bublé and Geoffrey Rush.

It also features Magda Szubanski in a recurring role as Sharon Strzelecki.

Szubanski is a comedian who came out as gay in 2012. She was also a vocal campaigner of same-sex marriage in Australia at the end of last year.

Kath, Sharon and Kim
Kath, Sharon and Kim. | Photo: Netflix

Kath & Kim is so LGBTI-friendly, the second episode of season one is entitled Gay.

It follows Kim going through marital problems and Kath thinking it’s because her daughter’s a lesbian, through various hilarious scenes. Kel also reveals he was ‘in the navy for six years’ and went through an experimentation phase.

At the very end of the episode, Kath and Kim are sitting in their back yard drinking cocktails.

Kath says: ‘I find sexuality is a fluid thing.’

Kim responds: ‘Keep your fluids to yourself please!’

So without further ado, here are the best bits:

Kath’s hilarious freak out when she thinks Kim is a lesbian

And then when she comes to accept it

Little baby cheeses?!

‘Mom, you’re chooky’

Fast forward to Kim’s daughter’s (played by Kylie) wedding 

‘Two dead sticks’

And this beautiful collection of mispronounced words

Do you have a favorite scene from Kath & Kim?

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