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Kathy Griffin gets serious about bullying

Gay rights activist Kathy Griffin joins Ellen DeGeneres in support for documentary Bully

Kathy Griffin gets serious about bullying

Kathy Griffin has spoken out against bullying in a public service announcement inspired by the documentary Bully.

The gay friendly comic created the PSA in response to the film that explores children’s stories as they face being bullied every day.

The film released tomorrow (30 March) in select US cinemas has drawn controversy over the Motion Picture Association of America’s initial decision to award it an ‘R’ rating, meaning people under 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult to see it.

Opponents of the decision argued many youths need to see the film in order to tackle the problem of bullying, and the ‘R’ rating would bar kids not only from the cinema but also from watching it in schools.

Ellen DeGeneres blasted the rating on her syndicated talk show, saying: ‘I think it's an important movie and I think it can change lives.’

Bully has now been released unrated, and while this means everyone is allowed to see it, it is up to the cinema’s discretion to show the film.

In the PSA, Kathy Griffin says: ‘Bullies pick on kids who are different, or who they think are different, right? Well I am here to tell you that there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, wrong with being different.'

She adds: ‘Whatever makes you different, I guarantee it also makes you wonderful. So hang in there, and please don’t give up on yourself.

‘Trust me – you have a whole lifetime of laughter ahead of you.’

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