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Kathy Griffin not prepared for how 'gay' Hugh Jackman is on Broadway

Kathy Griffin has trouble reconciling Jackman's movie image with his 'gay' Broadway show

Kathy Griffin not prepared for how 'gay' Hugh Jackman is on Broadway

Kathy Griffin seems shocked to have discovered what a versatile star Hugh Jackman is.

The commediene tells the audience in her upcoming Bravo special that when she was in New York and took in Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway, she was not prepared for the show's 'level of fabulousness.'

'I did not know how gay his show is,' she says in her Tired Hooker special premiering Dec. 20. 'I kind of know him more as Wolverine where he has knives that come out of his hands. … He's just hot. What I did not know is that really he's a song and dance man and it was just kind of disarming to see Hugh Jackman on Broadway. … Wolverine comes out singing Oklahoma!'

'I loved it but he burst into song for no reason, just fabulous showtunes. I guess I just thought he was going to stop the song and say. 'I'm just kidding. I'm Wolverine! What's up bitches?'

While Jackman is best known for playing Wolverine in a series of X-Men films, he also won a Tony Award for playing gay Australian song and dance man Peter Allen in the musical The Boy From Oz.

Griffin, despite her huge gay following, claims to not have been aware of any of that in her routine.

'He goes into the audience a lot, he sits on people's laps a lot and he gives a guy a lap dance at one point!' she says. 'When he's playing Peter Allen, at one point Wolverine is on stage in gold, leather disco pants … and a tied shirt like Maryann from Gilligan's Island.'

She adds: 'He's singing and moving his ass and I'm so confused. I want to [expletive] Wolverine but I'm not sure he wants me anymore – and I waxed!'

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