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Kathy Griffin says gays will embrace her new Bravo show

Tells Gay Star News: 'Honey, you are my demographic'

Kathy Griffin says gays will embrace her new Bravo show

Kathy Griffin's new weekly talk show debuts Thursday (19 April) on the Bravo network and the outspoken comedienne tells Gay Star News she knows darn well who her audience is.

'Honey, you are my demographic,' she said during a conference call this morning.

'The struggle on this show is to get one f***ing heterosexual [viewer]. This show is basically straight bashing at this point. We are very, very LGBTQI-friendly. We talk about those issues. … My tentacles have been reaching into the community for a long time.'

The show, simply called Kathy, will focus on pop culture and political topics including the US presidential race.

Griffin tells GSN that even though anti-gay Republican candidate Rick Santorum dropped out of the race last week, she will likely have a few things to say about him.

'He is still very much on my gaydar,' she says. 'He doesn't even walk upright, that's how backwards he is. … Maybe he was raised by two bitchy gay guys who didn't get along, who knows? He certainly didn't watch enough of My Life on the D List or ever watch a pageant.'

Griffin also weighed in on her buddy Anderson Cooper – with whom she has co-hosted New Year's Eve festivities on CNN for several years – and the on-air giggle fit he last week on his CNN show during his nightly Ridiculist segment last week.

'I loved it,' she said. 'He had to leave his chair he was laughing so hard. He knows he will never hear the end of it – especially from me.'

But don't expect to see many of Griffin's celebrity friends – or any celebrities at all – on her Bravo show.

'I want to be able to talk smack about them which I can't do if they are sitting in a swivel chair a few feet away from me,' she said. 'I prefer to talk about people behind their back … I prefer to wait until people leave the room then I just let it rip.'

She instead will be joined by a cast of regulars that include her 91-year old mother Maggie famous for enjoying her wine in a box.

'My mother, who has become a international superstar, is pulling a diva act,' Griffin claims. 'She wants wine in a bottle. [The show] is going to be a little McLaughlin Group with a drunken 91 year old.'

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