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Katya shares how she once lost $2,500 to a guy she hooked up with in drag

Katya shares how she once lost $2,500 to a guy she hooked up with in drag

In an interview with Vulture, RuPaul’s Drag Race queen Katya Zamolodchikova shares how a one-night-stand stole thousands of dollars from her after they finished doing all the naughty things.

The Russian drag star shot to fame when she appeared on the seventh season of Drag Race. Her popularity among the fans brought her back for Season 2 of Drag Race All Stars which just wrapped up earlier this month.

Talking to Vulture about her most memorable moments in drag, Katya recalled the time when she was traveling with other queens for shows in Australia after the finale of Season 7.

Apparently she decided to use Craigslist to fish for a hook-up.

When the guy came over to her hotel room, Katya even shaved his a–hole for him out of ‘courtesy.’

She says that they then proceeded to have ‘hours and hours’ of ‘wonderfully fulfilling, physically and emotionally explorative sex.’

However, the plot twist came after they were finished.

‘Later in the night when I decided to take a shower, he went through my bag and he took all my merch money, which was about $2,500.’

The queen finished her story by graciously saying, ‘Thank you for letting me eat your a– for $2,500.’

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