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This Break Up With Your Boyfriend Ariana cover is all 20biteen needs

This Break Up With Your Boyfriend Ariana cover is all 20biteen needs

Keara Graves in between her love interest and the girl's jealous boyfriend.

Ariana Grande‘s latest banger Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored has an LGBTI twist which made bisexuals scream and longing for more.

Bisexual singer Keara Graves came to the rescue and gave 20biteen the bi content it deserves.

Graves’s version of Ariana’s hit, Break Up With Your Boyfriend, I’m Bored, exudes greater bisexual energy than the original.

Break Up With Your Boyfriend, I’m Bored

The Canadian actress and singer covered the song and shared the video on YouTube.

In her own version, Graves substitutes the word ‘girlfriend’ with ‘boyfriend’.

She, in fact, has a hard time hiding her feelings for the girl of the couple from the very start. And the other girl seems into Keara just as much.

While Keara tries to convince the girl of her dreams to dump her boyfriend, she also showcases some pretty good vocals.

Watch the video below:

thank u, next

This isn’t the first Ariana Grande’s songs Graves covers.

Keara had previously shared her own thank u, next cover, where she talks about her coming out as bisexual and the girls she had dated.

Watch Keara’s video here:

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