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Kellogg’s features gay couple in latest advert campaign

Kellogg’s features gay couple in latest advert campaign

The Manchester couple in the Kellogg's advert have been together 22 years

A gay couple from Manchester, England, feature in a new advertising campaign from breakfast cereal maker Kellogg’s.

The brand picked eight real-life couples to feature in its #MyPerfectBowl campaign, in which people talk about the way they like to eat their Cornflakes.

Sales director Chris Hall, 42, and hairdresser Mark Hearfield, 59, from Bury, Manchester, have been together for 22 years. Hall likes to eat his cereal with hot milk and honey, while Hearfield prefers his at room temperature.

‘When we heard about the opportunity to be in the advert, we were both really excited,’ Hall told the Bury Times. We wanted to be part of the conversation and thought it would be really fun to do a film shoot in our home.’

The new campaign comes after Kellogg’s too a five-year break in the UK from advertising its signature cereal.

‘We have seen a change in how people are eating cereal but also in what they are having for breakfast. Therefore we wanted to capture how our customers are eating Corn Flakes.

‘After a long break from advertising, it is time for us to start talking about Corn Flakes again; our cast remind people what they love about this iconic cereal.’

Kellogg’s has previously promoted its stance towards diversity and inclusion. The US-based Kellogg Company was criticized by right-wing groups in 2014 after it featured famed mascot Tony the Tiger on marketing material for LGBT Pride festivals in the US.

More recently, it provoked further right-wing ire after it announced it was pulling its advertising from Brietbart News, saying the website was ‘not aligned with our values’. In response, the right-wing news site called for a boycott of the company’s products.