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Kelly McGillis dishes on famous co-stars including Jodie Foster and Tom Cruise

Out actress describes Foster as 'lovely' and her Witness co-star Harrison Ford as 'aloof'

Kelly McGillis dishes on famous co-stars including Jodie Foster and Tom Cruise

At the time they co-starred in the 1988 drama The Accused, Kelly McGillis and Jodie Foster were both very famous actresses.

It would be decades, however, before they would become famous lesbians. McGillis, 56, came out publicly in 2009 and Foster, 51, did so in 2013.

‘Working with Jodie was lovely,’ McGillis says in the current issue of Closer magazine. ‘I really think she’s a wonderful person.’

While McGillis still acts in films, on television and in plays, her best known films remain three she did in the 1980s: The Accused, Top Gun and Witness.

She says making Top Gun with Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast ‘was such a fun gig. It was like being at drama camp. It wasn’t really like working. We had a great time.’

Not so great apparently was her rapport with Witness co-star Harrison Ford.

McGillis describes Ford as ‘kind of aloof when I met him.’

‘That’s OK,’ she adds, ‘I don’t have to be best friends with everyone I work with.’

The actress, who has two grown children, now lives in rural North Carolina and has not had the kind of enduring A-list careers that Foster, Cruise and Ford have managed to have.

‘Maybe my career’s over and I just don’t know about it! (laughs). I don’t know. It’s just not that important to me whether or not I work. I have a very busy full and busy life.’

So why does she think her phone ringing more with acting offers?

‘First, I don’t want to color my (gray) hair. Secondly, I enjoy cooking and eating so I don’t want to be super skinny.’

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