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Kevin Bacon's attitude on queerness: 'Wherever you fall, whatever you dig, it’s good'

Actor is star of new Amazon series I Love Dick

Kevin Bacon's attitude on queerness:  'Wherever you fall, whatever you dig, it’s good'
Kevin Bacon is the star of Amazon's I Love Dick

Kevin Bacon, star of the provocatively titled new TV series titled I Love Dick, didn’t seem aware that he has a huge queer following.

From Footloose to Wild Things to Beauty Shop, his easy charm and good looks have long had huge gay appeal.

Then there was his classic guest spot – as himself – on an episode of Will & Grace where Sean Hayes’ character stalks him.

‘That’s awesome, I’m happy to hear that,’ Bacon tells when informed of his gay icon status.

Bacon’s other movies include Apollo 13, Mystic River, A Few Good Men, Hollow Man, Tremors, Flatliners and The River Wild, among many others.

He did not star in a TV series until 2013 as the lead in the Fox serial killer drama The Following which ran for three seasons.

Now the 58-year-old actor is playing a man named Dick in the sexually-charged drama on Amazon from Transparent creator Jill Soloway.

Bacon, asked about what queerness means to him, had this to say: ‘There are certainly a lot of queer people in my life and there have been for a long time.

‘To me queer is like to each his own. It’s not our problem. Wherever you fall, whatever you dig, it’s good if nobody’s getting hurt. It’s good. Just do your own thing. What’s wrong with love? What’s wrong with love in all of its forms?

‘I think I Love Dick definitely put that across.’

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