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Kevin Hart cannot get why his homophobic tweets apology ‘wasn’t enough’

Kevin Hart cannot get why his homophobic tweets apology ‘wasn’t enough’

Kevin Hart (L) on Ellen's talk show

Kevin Hart’s past homophobic comments continue to pull the spotlight for the Netflix comedian, who yet again addressed those tweets.

In an interview yesterday (1 April) with USA Today, Hart said he didn’t know why his apology on Ellen after stepping down as Oscars host hadn’t been ‘enough.’

Hart was chosen to host the Oscars last year, but when homophobic tweets came to haunt him, he stepped down.

What did he say?

Two months on from the controversy, the comedian had a comparatively more centred view of what happened.

Hart was heavily criticized not only for making homophobic tweets in 2009, but for not immediately apologizing when users called him out on it.

He then took to the cream sofas on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in which he apologized directly to the LGBTI community.

Looking back, Hart said: ‘The way that I handled it in the beginning was never from a place where I’m being negative or angry or playing victim.

‘It was, “Hey, guys, I apologized about this. I talked about this years ago and I said I’ll never do it again.” To me, that was the apology.

‘I didn’t understand why it wasn’t good [enough].’


The tweets dated back to 2009. Hart used homophobic language to insult his son for playing with a doll house.

After the tweets resurfaced, they were hastily deleted. But this failed to quell the backlash.

As a result, Hart posted a video on his Instagram addressing the tweet.

Yet, to some people’s chagrin, he did not directly apologize.

This, to Hart, is where the initial ‘miscommunication’ took place.

‘I thought the best way to say sorry is by changing, whereas some people still wanted to just hear me say it again,’ he said.

‘There’s where the miscommunication and disconnect came from.’

‘I’m glad everything worked out’

Did he end up watching the Oscars? No, the comedian admits, ‘I didn’t watch it, not out of malice or anything, like that, I was just working.’

Working out, specifically. The actor dropped a video of him pummelling a punching bag on his Instagram on the day of the awards ceremony.

However, Hart is ‘glad everything worked out’ with the ceremony.

Hart ended: ‘Hopefully the people of the LGBTQ community know that I in no way, shape or form embrace any ill will toward anybody in general.

‘It’s not who I am.’

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