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Kevin Smith apologizes to Ben Affleck and Evan Rachel Wood

Kevin Smith apologizes to Ben Affleck and Evan Rachel Wood

Kevin Smith

Director Kevin Smith is doing damage control.

The Dogma director posted a video to Facebook trying to explain comments he made over the weekend. He also apologized to actors Ben Affleck and Evan Rachel Wood for the misunderstanding he inadvertently caused.

‘I feel fucking so stupid,’ Smith said in the video. ‘This is the problem with having a big fat mouth like mine, but honestly, I didn’t think I was doing anything bad.’

On 15 July, Smith was at Outfest, the Los Angeles LGBTI film festival, which hosted a 20th anniversary screening of Chasing Amy, the third movie Smith made.

That 1997 lesbian-themed movie includes a quick, non-romantic kiss between actors Ben Affleck and Jason Lee.

Kevin Smith at Outfest screening
Kevin Smith at Outfest screening with his friend actor/writer Guinevere Turner James Mills

Following the screening, Smith told the audience that both Affleck and Lee were apprehensive about doing the kiss.

According to Smith, Affleck said, ‘A man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can ever face.’ Upon completion of the kissing scene, Smith recounted that Affleck stated, ‘Now, I’m a serious actor.’

Gay Star News wrote about Smith’s comments at Outfest’s Chasing Amy screening and other media outlets picked up the story.

When Paper Magazine ran the story, it shared a tweet that incorrectly framed Affleck’s comments as if he said them in 2017.

Actor Evan Rachel Wood
Actor Evan Rachel Wood Evan Rachel Wood | Facebook

Social media went crazy, attacking Affleck for making such insensitive comments. Among them was actress Evan Rachel Wood, who tweeted alongside the Paper Magazine link, ‘Try getting raped in a scene, Also, grow up Ben.’

Wood recently filmed a rape scene. In the futuristic HBO series Westworld, her character, a robot named Dolores, was raped in the premier episode.

When someone pointed out that Affleck’s comments were from 1997, Wood didn’t change her tune. She responded, ‘I’m sure he just thought it was a funny, but even jokes like that are damaging.’

Wood, who came out as bisexual in 2011, also wrote, ‘Also, you think us ladies like kissing all the guys we kiss?’ and ‘Just cause its a “straight kiss” doesn’t mean we enjoy it. Ahem.’

When social media attacked Wood for her comments, she deleted the Twitter thread, saying, ‘I don’t want to give that kind of hatred a place.’

One commenter told Wood to ‘try getting raped in real life’.

She responded ‘Hey. I have been raped and came out with it publicly last year. Maybe you shouldn’t throw stones in a glass house.’

Smith’s video

When Smith learned about this brouhaha, he tried to set the record straight. On his 11-minute Facebook video, he explained that he’d told that story about Affleck ‘a zillion times’ in the past 20 years.

‘This is a story meant to illustrate how adorably clueless we all were in the 90s,’ Smith said, noting that he was 26 when the movie shot and Affleck was 23

‘Of course Affleck doesn’t feel that way today,’ he continued. ‘Who knows if he even felt that way then. But he could have because he was in his 20s. We all say goofy shit in our fucking 20s.’

Smith apologized repeatedly, noting he did not mean to start any trouble.

‘My intention in telling that story was good,’ Smith said. ‘It was not even a “look how far we’ve come,” although that’s in there. It was just like kids in their 20s, right.’

‘It was something that was said literally 21 years ago and not in the context of like homophobic or anything like that. It was just a different world and [the story] was adorable,’ Smith said.

Apologies to Ben Affleck and Evan Rachel Wood!

Posted by Kevin Smith on Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Even though they are no longer close friends, Smith assured his viewers that Affleck’s attitude has evolved in the past 20 year. He called Affleck ‘one of the most liberal cats I’ve ever met on the planet.’

He went on to apologize to Wood, an actress he said he ‘loves.’

‘Please, someone tell Evan Rachel Wood for me, my apologies,’ he said. ‘She’s mad at something that I said and I didn’t even say that, I mean, it was out of context and stuff like that.’

Smith also acknowledged he shouldn’t be telling stories about Affleck.

‘No wonder the guy don’t talk to me. Anytime I open my mouth, people write a story about him, not me,’ Smith said.

The director says he tries to avoid talking about Affleck, but the actor does come up due to their shared moviemaking history.

‘Whenever people ask me, “Hey, how’s Ben.” I put it out in the press, I’m like, “I haven’t spoken to him in years,”’ he said. ‘So I don’t pretend to a relationship we don’t have any more or anything, but fuck do I feel terrible.’