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Kevin Spacey is facing three new sexual assault allegations in London

Kevin Spacey is facing three new sexual assault allegations in London

Kevin Spacey

Scotland Yard has opened three new investigations of sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey.

Previously, Scotland Yard confirmed three other investigations, bringing their total to six. Prosecutors in Los Angeles began looking into a sex crimes case against Spacey in April.

These three new allegations date back to 1996. TMZ first reported them, which Variety then confirmed with police.

The first man said Spacey assaulted him in 2008 in Lambeth, the second man said he was assaulted in Gloucester in 2013.

The third and final man said Spacey assault him in Westminster in 1996.

Now, the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command of the Metropolitan Police is looking into each of the cases. They first opened an investigation into Spacey in November.

Lambeth is the borough where the Old Vic Theatre is located. Spacey served as artistic director there for 11 years.

They conducted their own investigation, resulting in 20 testimonies against Spacey, and apologized for not creating and maintaining a safe environment.

Consequences for actions

Spacey first had to confront the #MeToo movement when Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of sexual assault last October. Rapp said it happened when he was only 14 and Spacey was 26.

Since then, several more people have come forward with their own #MeToo stories against Spacey.

Most recently, actor Guy Pearce described Spacey as ‘handsy‘ while discussing the filming of LA Confidential in an interview.

Spacey faced ramifications for the allegations immediately. He was booted from two big projects: the Netflix series House of Cards and Ridley Scott’s recent film All the Money in the World.

Other men outed as sexual harassers and abusers have also faced consequences, some legal, such as Harvey Weinstein.

The movement has also sparked foundational change within Hollywood, with the creation of Time’s Up and other diversity efforts.

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