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KFC fires manager who hired then fired woman after he found out she was trans

KFC fires manager who hired then fired woman after he found out she was trans

This trans woman was hired then fired within an hour

KFC has fired the manager who hired a woman, and then fired her in an hour, after he learned she was trans.

Georgia Carter, 27, from Virginia had gone for a job interview last week with the chain chicken restaurant and was offered shift work.

She had told she had the job, and gave the manager her driver’s license to draw up the paperwork.

But within minutes of telling her boyfriend she was happy to be an ‘active member of society’ again, she received a call from the KFC manager.

‘My supervisor and I have a problem because on your license it says “male”,’ Carter says he told her, and when she said it’s because she’s transgender, they said: ‘Oh, we can’t hire you because we don’t know which bathroom you can use.’

The manager claims he never offered Carter the job and it was only an interview. However, he said if she changes her gender to female on her driving license, he will reconsider.

But he no longer needs to, as he has now been fired.

In a statement issued to Gay Star News, a KFC spokesperson said: ‘KFC’s policy is to treat everyone fairly, equally and with respect, and we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

‘Upon learning of this allegation, the franchisee who owns this Richmond restaurant conducted an immediate and thorough investigation. The manager has been terminated for violating the franchisee’s anti-discrimination policy, which is inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation.

‘The franchisee’s leadership has also had a conversation with Ms. Carter, offering her employment at this restaurant or any of their Richmond area KFC restaurants, effective immediately. Additionally, the franchisee is emphasizing sensitivity and compliance with their policies to keep this from happening again.’