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Killer of Ohio trans woman sentenced to life behind bars

Killer of Ohio trans woman sentenced to life behind bars

An Ohio man has been sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday (13 November) for the brutal murder of a transgender woman.

Andrey Bridges savagely attacked Cemia ‘CeCe’ Dove in January, stabbing her 40 times before tying her to a concrete block and dumping her in a pond near his apartment in Olmstead Township, Ohio.

Her body was found almost three months later.

Assistant County Prosecutor Brian Radigan said: ‘The anger behind it, and the absolute brutality – I don’t understand it.’

Bridges had initially claimed Dove was murdered by two other men, and he only helped get rid of the body.

Speaking at the trial, Bridges said: ‘I’m sorry that I wasn’t strong enough to tell anybody what really happened. I’m sorry I couldn’t save him. I’m sorry that I witnessed how he died.’

However, the jury rejected his plea of innocence after a day of deliberation, after learning he had paid for here tax ride from Cleveland to his apartment in Olmstead Township.

Bridges’ attorney, David Grant, claimed his client had a low IQ and a history of drink and drugs. He also said the murder was a crime of ‘passion’.

Dove’s family showed anger at Bridges’ sentencing.

Nicole Cantie, one of Dove’s cousins, shouted to Bridges: ‘Who gave you the right to decide who lives and dies? You, Andrey, are a coward.

‘Was it worth it? You could have just walked away. Every breath you take is ten breaths too many. I hope and pray that prison doesn’t treat you right. Have a nice life.’

Bridges’ sentence includes time for other convictions, including tampering with evidence and for a probation violation. He will be eligible for parole in 20 years.