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Killers of Daniel Zamudio, Chile’s Matthew Shepard, found guilty

Killers of Daniel Zamudio, Chile’s Matthew Shepard, found guilty

The killers of a gay 24-year-old, described as Chile’s Matthew Shepard, were found guilty today (17 October).

A Chilean court has convicted four men for the murder of a gay 24-year-old.

Daniel Zamudio was found murdered in 3 March 2012 after being beaten unconscious with swastikas carved into his skin.

The convicted men were Patricio Ahumada, Alejandro Angula, Raúl López and Fabián Mora, between 19 and 25 years old at the time of the attack.

Photos released by his family showed the young man with cigarette burns all over his body, the Nazi symbols marked on his chest and back and part of his ear cut.

After 25 days in hospital following the attack, Zamudio was pronounced dead.

Described as a ‘martyr’, thousands turned out for his funeral procession as it journeyed for three hours from his hometown San Bernardo to Santiago’s main cemetery.

Very quickly, many compared Zamudio’s death to the 1998 killing of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming.

For the 24-year-old did not die in vain. His death led to the passage of a hate crimes law in Chile protecting LGBT people.

A Senate committee approved a version of ‘Zamudio’s law’ on Wednesday (16 October).

The men involved in the killing will be sentenced on 28 October.