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Kim Davis: It was a ‘joy’ to stand against gay marriage

Kim Davis: It was a ‘joy’ to stand against gay marriage

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Kim Davis has said it was a ‘joy’ to be chosen by God to stand against gay marriage.

The Kentucky clerk was jailed in September for repeatedly refusing to issue gay marriage licenses on religious grounds.

In an interview with American Family Radio broadcast Friday (22 January), host Sandy Rios heaped praise on Davis – who was in court again last week to appeal the ruling that put her behind bars.

‘It’s interesting to me how God chose you,’ Rios said. ‘Not a Sunday school teacher, not a Republican, not the standard – this is like God, this is so like God, so he chose you.’

Davis, who has married four times, said that she considered it ‘a joy to be chosen, to make a stand and to defend my God’s word, the infallible word of God.’

‘You were chosen, Kim,’ Rios gushed. ‘I know that. God picked you, plucked you out.’

Listen to the interview via Right Wing Watch below: