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Kim Davis looks to becoming a minister following election loss

Kim Davis looks to becoming a minister following election loss

Kim Davis

Kim Davis, a former county clerk who was jailed for not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, is considering becoming a Christian minister after losing her re-election bid.

Davis was voted out of her position as a Rowan County clerk during the recent mid-term elections.

Her attorney said that she was now considering moving to a Christian ministry as a possible career change, the Advocate reports.

‘That’s where the Lord is leading her’

Davis made headlines in 2015 after shutting down all marriage license operations in Rowan County, following the US Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality.

The devout Christian claimed that serving same-sex marriage licenses was against her religious beliefs. She was sued by four same-sex couples and spent five days in jail for contempt of court.

Standing as a Republican, Davis lost her re-election bid by 700 votes to Democrat, Elwood Caudill Jr. on Tuesday, 6 November.

Mat Staver, who was Davis’ attorney during her time in court, said she would look to taking up faith-based work.

‘Frankly, I think what she’s going to do and where she’s been wanting to go, is into some form of ministry,’ Staver said on a Christian talk-radio show, Crosstalk. ‘That’s where the Lord is leading her this time.’

Staver, who is also the founder and chairman of far-right legal group Liberty Counsel, went on to question Davis’ successor’s ability to run the clerk’s office.

Record number of LGBTI appointees

There were a record number of LGBTI candidates elected to office in this year’s midterm elections.

Although this did not have the ‘blue wave’ many Democrats had hoped for, some relabeled the elections as having experienced a ‘rainbow wave’.

Alongside the LGBTI candidates elected to office, the state of Massachusetts voted to keep protections in place for the transgender community.

It was also announced on Tuesday (13 November) that after taking a week to tally the votes, Arizona candidate Kyrsten Sinema would become the first openly bisexual senator in US history.

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