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Singer Kim Petras says someone onced asked her if she was trans ‘to be trendy’

Singer Kim Petras says someone onced asked her if she was trans ‘to be trendy’

Kim Petras

Singer Kim Petras revealed to Billboard that someone once asked her in a meeting if she was trans ‘to be trendy’.

‘I’ve been asked in a meeting at a company I was debating signing with if I was transgender because it’s trendy,’ she said.

‘I’m like, “Bitch, I’ve been transgender my whole life.”‘

Born in Germany, Petras gained headlines in 2009 for reportedly becoming the youngest person to receive gender affirmation surgery. Then, she was 16 — she’s now 25.

She made the move from Germany to Los Angeles when she was 19 to pursue her dream of being a pop star.

‘I feel like I get a real shot here,’ she said.

So far, things are going in that direction for her but, like with everything else in life, there are also plenty of hurdles.

Navigating this complicated world

Petras drew harsh criticism from music fans when she began working with Kesha’s alleged abuser, Dr. Luke.

That ire resurfaced when Troye Sivan announced Petras as his opening act on his upcoming Bloom tour.

Both Petras and Sivan released statements about the controversy.

Petras released the following statement on Twitter.

Kim Petras' statement
Kim Petras’ statement | Photo: Twitter @kimpetras

‘While I’ve been open and honest about my positive relationship with Dr. Luke,’ she wrote. ‘That does not negate or dismiss the experience of others or suggest that multiple perspectives cannot exist at once.’

She added: ‘I want to say that I’m sorry to anyone that I upset. This has been a big learning experience for me. I do want to express my sympathy for any and all abuse victims.’

For his part, Sivan released a length statement a few days after the announcement of his tour.

Troye Sivan's statement
Troye Sivan’s statement | Photo: Twitter @troyesivan

He said he was ‘not aware’ of some of the comments Petras made in the past and, once he read them, said he was ‘troubled by them, like you’.

‘The opinions communicated in these interviews don’t align with my personal values or the values of the tour.’

Sivan further said he had conversations with Petras and they showed ‘where her heart is and that she is changing and growing just like the rest of us’.

He concluded his statement: ‘I hope that you are able to practice kindness, understanding, and patience in handling this from here on out.’

He also added that a portion of the proceeds from the tour will be going to Ally Coalition and RAINN.

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