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Kirk Cameron says he was 'crucified' for his anti-gay views

'Blasphemy laws are still alive and well in America'

Kirk Cameron says he was 'crucified' for his anti-gay views

Kirk Cameron, best known for the 80s sitcom Growing Pains, is comparing the backlash he suffered for making anti-gay remarks to ‘the persecution of Puritans in England.’

Right Wing Watch is reporting that while speaking to students at Liberty University last week, Cameron said his critics tried to ‘crucify’ him because he had ‘blasphemed the God of Political Correctness’ and that he was claimed he was ‘drug out to the public square and stoned so to speak.’

The uproar dates back to March when Cameron said on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight that he believes homosexuality is ‘unnatural, ‘detrimental,’ and ‘ultimately destructive.’

Cameron, a high-profile conservative Christian, was slammed by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and other groups as well as some of his former Growing Pains co-stars for his anti-gay remarks.

Liberty University is a private, Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

He told Liberty students that ‘blasphemy laws are still alive and well in America’ but that conservative Christians should not be ‘wussing out’ when expressing their views about homosexuality.

Cameron says this is necessary in order to ‘see people in a right relationship with God, helped and healed and whole.’

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