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People are mocking this airline for its 'rainbow seatbelt' Pride advert

Royal Dutch Airlines posted the message of support ahead of Amsterdam Pride on the weekend

People are mocking this airline for its 'rainbow seatbelt' Pride advert
KLM | Twitter
KLM posted in support of Amsterdam Pride

It’s not unusual for big companies and corporations to post messages of support for LGBTI Pride.

June was Pride month in the US, and many organizations took to social media to show their support, including M&Ms and Starbucks, among many others.

Amsterdam Pride took place last weekend, and on Friday, Royal Dutch Airlines – more commonly known as KLM – posted an image of support on its social media.

The message said ‘It doesn’t matter who you click with. Happy #PrideAmsterdam’.

Accompanying the KLM message was a photo of three sets of seatbelts with rainbow straps. One set was had opposing tongue and buckle (yes, apparently that’s what you call those components).

The other sets had two tongues and two buckles. This, presumably, is to represent the same-sex component of Pride.

The tweet has 1,500 re-tweets and prompted over 2,300 comments.

Many have questioned the logic of the advert or used it as an excuse to voice homophobic opinions.


However, not everyone was critical of the posting. Many welcomed the gesture.

It also received support on Facebook.

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