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Korea Pride banned by police

Korea Pride banned by police

Seoul police have banned Korea Queer Culture Festival in the South Korean capital after hate-filled Christians camped outside police stations to prevent the event from taking place on 28 June.

Namdaemun Police Station and Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency denied a permit for the march, citing an expected standoff with Christian groups that would cause ‘inconvenience to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.’

Last year, Christians blocked the 20,000 marchers by lying in the streets.

‘This reasoning is not justifiable, given that the attendance at the KQCF has increased consistently over the past 15 years, while there has been no inconvenience to pedestrian or vehicular traffic on routes such as Cheonggye-daero, which is specified as a main street and where the Pride Parade has been held four times,’ the organziers said in a statement.

On 21 May, Namdaemun Police Station posted a sudden notice on its website, saying that anyone who wanted to submit a rally declaration form for 28 June would have to line up in front of the police station and they would accept forms on a first come first serve basis on 29 May.

Since last week, a dozen members of Christian group Love Your Country, Love Your Children Movement Headquarters have been taking turns to camp outside the station.