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Korean Christians are queuing up for weeks to block Queer Culture Festival

Korean Christians are queuing up for weeks to block Queer Culture Festival

Hate-filled Christians are camping outside police stations for weeks to block LGBTI events in Korea.

Now the country’s largest LGBTI celebration, Korea Queer Culture Festival and its parade, is under threat.

The Christians are using an administrative loophole to stop it.

Police will grant permission to hold rallies and events on a first-come, first served basis after applications are submitted one month in advance.

By making sure they are first in line and submitting multiple permits for the relevant days, they can effectively freeze out LGBTI event organizers.

The LGBT and Allies Korea Facebook page reports the haters already blocked an event in the Hyehwa area of Seoul, the Korean capital.

‘Hate groups camped in tents in front of the police station to stand in line all day and all night ever since the beginning of May to interfere with the Queer Pride Parade that was to be held on 13 June.

‘In the end they succeeded in submitting rally declaration forms for every space in Daehakro from 12 to 14 June and prevented us from being able to hold the Queer Pride Parade in the area.’

Now, in another part of Seoul, the Namdaemun Police Station has said anyone wanting to submit a rally declaration for 28 June should stand in line outside and it will accept those forms on 29 May.

The anti-gay Love Your Country, Love Your Children Movement Headquarters, led by pastor Song Chun-gil, has seen this and already has supporters taking it in turns to queue.

Now the organizing committee of the Queer Culture Festival have started standing in line as well.

They say: ‘The only thing we can do is to submit as many rally declaration forms as possible to counter theirs.

‘Although it’s obvious that they’re only doing this to stop another event from happening, the police say that this counts as freedom of speech and they can only accept groups on a first-come-first-served basis.’

They want to hold out for another week until 29 May and have appealed for LGBTI supporters to come help.