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Korean gay couple plan wedding to raise money for LGBT Center

Korean gay couple plan wedding to raise money for LGBT Center

A gay couple in South Korea have announced that they are planning a wedding for 100,000 people to raise money for an LGBT center in Seoul.

Sunghwan Kim and Gwang-soo Kim Jho are planning a wedding outside city hall in central Seoul on 7 September.

‘In Korea we do not have a donation culture,’ Kim told Gay Star News. ‘People don’t usually give money to charities – but they do at weddings. At a marriage ceremony a lot of people give money to the couple.’

The couple, who own a film production company dedicated to making LGBT-themed films, decided they wanted to use their wedding to set up an LGBT foundation and center in Seoul.

‘A big open same-sex marriage performance can get media attention very easily and draw public attention. The funds raised will be used for an LGBT foundation and LGBT center, which would be very helpful and useful for Korea LGBT rights movement.’

Kim said he is hopping 100,000 people will come to the wedding and donate $10 each so that they raise over $1 million US dollars.

‘We work in the film industry so we know a lot of press and media and they are already very curious about our wedding ceremony.’

The couple are director and producer of Korean romantic comedy Two Weddings & a Funeral, about a fake marriage between a gay man and a lesbian. The film was released last year and opened Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  

The LGBT rights movement is just starting in socially conservative South Korea and most LGBT people are still in the closet. Same-sex marriage is a long-way from being instigated so Kim and Kim Jho’s marriage will not be legally binding.