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Kristen Stewart shares steamy kiss: ‘I am so gay dude’

Kristen Stewart shares steamy kiss: ‘I am so gay dude’

Kristen Stewart passionate kiss Saturday Night Live SNL

Kristen Stewart hosts Saturday Night Live and shares intimate kiss in Superbowl sketch.

In a comedy sketch for an advertisement about a brand of snacks, Stewart seduces actress Vanessa Bayer.

Stewart plays the character of Sabine, the sister of one of the guys watching the Superbowl.

Bayer plays the wife of another guy sat in front of the television, demanding snacks.

Little do the guys know that Stewart is seducing his wife in a passionate Parisian-inspired scene of lust.

Watch the hilarious skit:

Stewart tells Trump: ‘I am, like, so gay, dude’

In Stewart’s opening monologue, she talks about President Donald Trump’s ‘obsession’ with her relationship with Robert Pattinson.

She says Trump tweeted 11 times about them, encouraging Pattinson to break up with her for cheating on him.

The two have since broken up but remain friends.

Stewart came out last year and is currently dating film producer Alicia Cargile.

‘I’m just really in love with my girlfriend,’ she told ELLE UK.

‘It opened my life up and I’m so much happier,’ Stewart said.

Watch her amazing message for Trump: