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Kylie Minogue strips down for 50th birthday and new music video

Kylie Minogue strips down for 50th birthday and new music video

Kylie Minogue in new music video

Iconic artist Kylie Minogue turns 50 today in the US. Though it’s customary for gifts to be given to those celebrating their birthdays, Minogue decided to treat her fans instead.

First, she acknowledged her big day with a tweet — and a photo posting naked with a guitar.

‘And so a new decade begins,’ she wrote yesterday (when it was the 28th in her native Australia).

‘How thankful I am for the opportunities life has afforded me. 50….. Let’s go!’

Kylie Minogue has always been popular within the LGBTI community, and especially her gay male fans.

She released her first album, the self-titled Kylie, in 1988.

It took her some time to be considered a serious recording artist. However, her career continued for longer than many critics initially anticipated and it solidified her as a star. She’s often compared to Madonna, earning the nickname the Princess of Pop to Madonna’s Queen.

The golden girl

She also dropped a brand new music video for her birthday.

Golden is the lead single on the album of the same name — and her fourteenth studio album. In this latest venture, Minogue experiments with combining country and her signature pop style. It left some critics divided, but there’s no doubt the video is an absolute treat.

It features Minogue in a sparkly dress on the beach and there’s no better way of celebrating the Princess.

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