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Kylie Minogue has a theory for why gay people became her biggest fans

Kylie Minogue has a theory for why gay people became her biggest fans

  • She was lucky, lucky, lucky.
Kylie Minogue on tour in 2019.

Kylie Minogue says she has a theory why the gay community embraced her from the start of her career.

The singer told The Australian newspaper this week that it may have been partly because she was an outsider.

‘Part of it is the music, part of it may have been a theory I explored, that I wasn’t always given the easiest of times back then.

‘And I wonder if part of that coming together was an understanding of not being accepted for who you are.’

The singer, now 52, became a household name as a soap opera star on Neighbours before moving into music in the late 1980s. Her upbeat dance-pop songs generated 70 million record sales worldwide, making her the highest-selling female Australian artist of all time.

But while gay men in particular embraced her, she says the press wanted to pull her down:

‘At the time the press were really harsh on me, it didn’t seem like the public were, but the press were.

‘It was sometimes just not nice, borderline a bit cruel and just not necessary.’

‘They kind of adopted me’

Minogue has long been dubbed a ‘gay icon’ although she previously joked: ‘I am not a traditional gay icon. There’s been no tragedy in my life, only tragic outfits.’

She has, however, often acknowledged her LGBT+ fan-base.

In 2007, she commented: ‘My gay audience has been with me from the beginning… they kind of adopted me.’

Her music has always held natural appeal to many LGBT+ fans with its camp themes and disco inspirations. She built on this by incorporating more daring influences, including S&M sex culture and burlesque.

Meanwhile she has been quick to return the love, performing several times at Sydney Mardi Gras – Australia’s biggest LGBT+ festival – as well as at other Prides around the world.

And in 2016, she joined the movement to win marriage equality in Australia. At the time she was engaged to English actor Joshua Sasse but the pair vowed not to wed until their fellow Australians could also marry.