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Kylie Minogue and more celebrate Australia's vote for marriage equality

Here's what they're all saying in their excitement

Kylie Minogue and more celebrate Australia's vote for marriage equality
Kylie Minogue and others celebrate Australia voting yes (Kylie Minogue | Twitter)

It’s official: Australia overwhelmingly voted yes to marriage equality.

While there is still a potentially long path to legislation, this is also a time of celebration. Every state and territory in the country voted yes and nearly all of them had a majority of at least 60%.

Furthermore, there was a 79.5% turnout, definitively showing the majority of Australians believe love is love.

Several people are taking to Twitter to share their excitement for the vote.

Australian singer Kylie Minogue was one of the first voices to pledge her support.

Zach Braff tweeted his excitement by sharing a photo of him and Scrubs co-star Donald Faison.

Other musical artists like Sia, Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus, and more added their joy as well.

And, of course, Ellen.

Even across the world, American actor Daniel Newman expressed his excitement.

Even buildings and organization are getting in on the celebration!

This is only the beginning of the celebrations.

And perhaps it won’t be such a long road after all. Prime Minister Turnbull tweeted his commitment to make marriage equality law by Christmas.

Congrats, Australia!

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