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‘Gay’ carved into stomach of Kyrgyzstani bisexual man by brutal attackers

‘Gay’ carved into stomach of Kyrgyzstani bisexual man by brutal attackers

Body with bruises and cuts

A bisexual man in Kyrgyzstan has been forced to flee his country after suffering two brutal attacks in one month.

PinkNews reported the story and spoke to the man, identifying him solely as A.D.

The man, who is in his 20s, told the outlet both incidents took place in November in the Issyk-Kul region of eastern Kyrgyzstan.

After the first attack, A.D. reportedly informed the police about what happened. Following his report, the second attack took place.

An unprompted beating

A.D. told PinkNews the first attack happened on the evening of a night in early November. After leaving his friend A.A.’s house, the pair hugged on the street while A.D. waited for his cab.

That’s when three men allegedly approached, calling A.A. by his name. According to A.D., the men led the pair to an isolated area and began physically assaulting and insulting them.

‘They beat us mostly in the kidneys, stomach and legs with batons, and they left,’ he said.

Following this, A.D. reported the attack to the police. He said he had recently learned of the importance of reporting perceived hate crimes from a local LGBTI workshop.

A.A. reportedly expressed concern over this decision, worried about repercussions for his friend.

Barbaric attack leading to hospital

Later during the month, on the evening of 19 November, A.D. said a man exited a black car and approached him.

The man reportedly told A.D. he was with the police, they had identified his attackers, and needed A.D. to come with him. A.D. reluctantly got in the car but when he realized they weren’t going in the direction of the station, he asked to be let out.

The two men in the car drove A.D. to the outer edge of the town.

‘They told me to get out of the car and started insulting me saying: “You damn gay, how dare [you] write a statement, don’t you understand that no one will help you, you are a shame for the whole society.” They said when me and A.A. die, nobody will bury us like [everyone else],’ A.D. told PinkNews.

When the men pulled out bottles of vodka, they reportedly told A.D. they would drink and forget anything ever happened. A.D., however, told the men he didn’t drink and would forget without the alcohol.

That’s when they allegedly began beating him and forced vodka down his throat.

A.D. said he woke up in the hospital with bandages around his stomach. Doctors told him he had the word ‘gay’ carved into his skin.

‘I want to be heard’

‘I want the evil leaders of our country to be ashamed of the fact that they cannot protect the rights of citizens of their country,’ A.D. further said. ‘They caused us pain that we will never forget. Even if we die I want to be heard.’

PinkNews reported that A.D.’s mother moved him from the public hospital to a private clinic. A.D. told them that his mother is the only one who accepts him.

‘I lost all my relatives and friends, but only my mother does not leave me.’

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