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Labor MPs gather to obstruct gay marriage in Australia

Right-wing Labor MPs want to see an end to gay marriage

Labor MPs gather to obstruct gay marriage in Australia

A faction of Labor MPs met last night to speak-out about the movement towards gay marriage in Australia.

The House of Representatives yesterday published an overwhelmingly positive report into two bills before parliament that propose legalizing gay marriage.

In response Labor MPs gathered to demand an end to the bills, saying support for same-sex marriage was bad for the party’s re-election chances in 2013.

‘We are already sitting on 30 per cent [in opinion polls]. This is the last thing we need,’ said Catholic New South Wales MP John Murphy, a gay marriage opponent, according to The Australian.

The newspaper quoted another source from the right-wing faction of the Labor party as saying: ‘We can’t just let this drag on forever. It might suit the Greens to make this a long-running saga, but I have people telephoning me asking what I am doing to prevent same-sex marriage.’

Greens MP Adam Bandt who brought one of the bills to parliament said that he wanted to a delay a vote to give more time for MPs to join his side.

‘I think if there were a conscience vote, we would at the moment be quite close to passing it,’ said Bandt. ‘And within a couple of months of lobbying and discussions, we would be in a position to see reform in this parliament.’

Australian Marriage Equality national convenor Alex Greenwich strongly refuted the right-wing Labor MPs views.

‘Opponents of marriage equality were proven wrong when they said the public would never support it, the Labor Party would never endorse it, and that state parliaments would never uphold it in principle,’ Greenwich said.
‘Supporters of marriage equality continue to win victories, because when it comes to crunch time MPs realise this is a reform about treating their gay friends, family members, colleagues, and constituents with equal respect and dignity under the law.’

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