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Labour peer Lord Lewis Moonie quits party after transphobic tweets

Labour peer Lord Lewis Moonie quits party after transphobic tweets

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A former Labour MP and lord peer has resigned from the party after he faced disciplinary action for transphobic tweets.

Lord Lewis Moonie, a self-identified TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) announced on Twitter he had resigned from Labour.

‘I’ve resigned from the Labour Party today. I was accused of transphobia by the usual suspects, and told I must attend a disciplinary hearing. My membership suspended too. Not really up to fighting it so I’ve saved them the trouble. I feel free to carry on campaigning for women,’ he wrote on Twitter.

Born in Dundee, Scotland, Moonie served as an MP for Kirkcaldy from 1987 – 2005. In 2005 he received a life peer title.

But more recently Moonie has taken to Twitter to post transphobic sentiments in what he calls ‘campaigning for women’. He labelled trans advocate and Labour’s national student women’s Lily Madigan as a ‘spiteful child with with probable mental health issues’.

Moonie also said trans women were not women. He described them as ‘nonces’ and ‘someone with a cock in a frock’.

‘Trans women are men and have no need to fear lesbians who wish exclude them from SAME SEX relationships,’ he wrote.

No disciplinary hearing

A Labour Party spokesperson confirmed it had suspended Moonie and had started investigating his anti-trans conduct. But denied planning a disciplinary hearing.

‘The Labour Party takes all complaints of transphobia and abuse seriously. Complaints about Lord Moonie were treated the same as complaints about any member and were being investigated in line with the Party’s rules and procedures,’ the spokesperson said.

It would not pursue a further investigation of Moonie as he was no longer a party member.

LGBTI Labour filed the complaint

Joss Prior, a trans woman who has shone a light on Moonie’s transphobic tweets said ‘the vitriol and almost constant obsession with aggressively insulting and abusing trans women has had a profound effect on anyone exposed to his unabashed hatred’.

‘I’d like to say I am pleased with Moonie’s resignation, but disappointed that a man who holds not only deeply transphobic beliefs but also holds divisive and insulting opinions about cisgender women and gay men has been allowed to spread his out of date opinions for so long by the Labour Party,’ Prior told Gay Star News.

‘The transgender community have depressingly come to expect this from mainstream press who have given up on journalism and fact-checking in favour of a click-bait model, but we expect and rely on our democracy to protect our freedoms and right to live with dignity and our healthcare requirements respected.’

LGBT Labour co-chair, Melantha Chittenden, welcomed Moonie’s suspension.

‘We submitted this complaint because the transphobic, homophobic and biphobic content he had regularly posted online has no place in our society, our communities and certainly not within the Labour Party,’ Chittenden told GSN.

‘There is currently a polarising discussion around trans rights across the country and we are seeing anti-trans groups, such as those supported by Lord Moonie, exploit this by peddling misconceptions and misinformation in order to stir up division and hatred.’

On Wednesday (15 May) Moonie is hosting an event at the House of Lords called First Do No Harm: The ethics of transgender healthcare. Anti-trans campaigners Posie Parker and Venice Allan put together the event open exclusively to parliamentarians. Anti-trans writer, Stephanie Davies-Arai will also speak at the event.

Gay Star News contacted Lord Moonie for comment but did not receive a reply.