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WATCH: These women are using ‘lady drag’ to reclaim their femininity (NSFW-ish)

WATCH: These women are using ‘lady drag’ to reclaim their femininity (NSFW-ish)

lady drag

Historically, drag involves some form of crossdressing where men dress up as women or women dress up as men.

But for ‘lady drag,’ female performers dress up as exaggerated forms of women, and in doing so, liberate their female self.

Drag to them is a means to reclaim their femininity on their own terms, and not caring about what standards society has set.

‘As we’re embracing subversions of gender, we have to expand the notion of what drag is,’ explains lady drag performer Fauxnique to ATTN: about the importance of inclusivity in the art of drag.

The women in the video also describe that when in drag, they aren’t shamed for expressing their sexuality.

‘We get to wear whatever we want and I’m not gonna get catcalled, and called a slut for my cleavage being in your face,’ said Celeste, a female performer of a Los Angeles based lady drag group called The Fistettes.

With lady drag, participants can feel empowered to be whatever type of women they feel like being. Not that much different from the typical drag that’s done by men, isn’t it?

‘It has a lot to do with being proud of being any form of women that there is,’ says Cleo, the founder of Club Clit, a LA lesbian fetish drag club.

Watch the short clip featuring lady drag performers here: