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Lady Gaga accused of turning kids gay – again

Lady Gaga accused of turning kids gay – again

Pop icon Lady Gaga is being accused of turning kids gay again after a US pundit ranted on her radio show.

Right Wing Watch reports Mission America’s Linda Harvey said the entertainer’s Born This Way Foundation is leading children to a ‘self-destructive path’ by ‘embracing homosexuality’ as part of its anti-bullying efforts.

Harvey began by attacking the 2011 song Born This Way, calling the video’s alien birth scenes as a ‘complete and utter perversion and really a demonic caricature, frankly, of God’s creation.’

She said: ‘Of course she has the usual distortion, including that homosexuality and gender confusion that they’re similar to race or ethnicity, and that’s another big lie, the thing is just full of lies.’

Harvey described Gaga’s anti-bullying campaign, which aims to build a ‘kinder, braver world that celebrates individuality and empowers young people’, as depraved.

She said: ‘That’s part of this whole incredible anti-bullying campaign that the homosexual community is putting out there, trying to make it seem as if traditional values leads people to harm kids who are behaving homosexually or gender confused and so on and that traditional values causes this, it doesn’t. Traditional values is a help and not a harm.

‘Troubled kids are the ones who bully, those bullying incidents need to be punished.

‘We need to get our heads straight about this and not be manipulated and let our kids not be manipulated into embracing homosexuality as a byproduct of thinking we’re being kind.’

It is not the first time the ‘You & I’ singer has been accused of turning kids gay.

The Florida Family Association slammed the star in July, demanding Office Depot rescind a $1 million (£637,308, €810,766) donation to Gaga’s foundation.

In a statement, the FFA said: ‘Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Foundation will influence many teens to embrace homosexuality for their lifetime who may have otherwise worked through their crisis with straight results.’

Gaga’s new album ARTPOP, likely to include more homosexual depravity, is scheduled to be released in spring 2013.