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Lady Gaga once ‘gave up’ on acting: ‘I was terrible, I couldn’t make it’

Lady Gaga once ‘gave up’ on acting: ‘I was terrible, I couldn’t make it’

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga says she was ‘terrible’ at acting so gave up on it when starting out in showbiz.

‘I was terrible at auditioning!’ the star said at the London premiere of her new film A Star Is Born earlier tonight, about singer-songwriter Ally’s struggle to find fame.

‘Commercials, even just to play extras… I was terrible at acting and auditions,’ Gaga added. ’I couldn’t make it as an actress so I gave up on it, and went for it as a singer-songwriter.’

The Joanne singer, who’s since sold over 170 records worldwide, is now being touted for an awards contender for her performance in the film.

Addressing Oscar buzz generated around her performance, she said: ‘It’s very humbling. But the reward for me was making this movie with a wonderful director, a beautiful cast and the family [director] Bradley Cooper created.’

‘Bradley is an incredible human being’

Talking about Cooper, who also stars in A Star Is Born, she said: ‘He’s a friend for life.’

‘He’s an incredible human being,’ added Gaga, who was wearing Alexander McQueen at the premiere. ‘Not only did I get to make a great friend, but I also got to witness an artist.’

She furthermore added: ‘He directs, he writes – he wrote the script with Will Fetters and Eric Roth – he wrote songs for the film, he sang live for the film.

‘He does it all. It was a humbling experience for me.’

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