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Lady Gaga goes on rant about former PA under court oath

Bisexual Poker Face singer calls former assistant a 'f**king hood rat who is suing me for money she didn't earn'

Lady Gaga goes on rant about former PA under court oath

Bisexual pop star Lady Gaga may have proven she truly is a ‘fame monster’ in the way she has gone on a rant in court about her former personal assistant.

Jennifer O’Neill is suing the ‘Born This Way’ singer for overtime pay, who Gaga describes as a ‘fucking hood rat who is suing me for money that she didn’t earn’.

In a six-hour testimony in a Midtown Manhattan law office obtained by the New York Post, she ranted: ‘She’s just – she thinks she’s just like the queen of the universe.’

‘And, you know what, she didn’t want to be a slave to one, because in my work and what I do, I’m the queen of the universe every day.’

O’Neill is arguing she put 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime at a point where the singer’s career rocketed at the end of 2009 to March 2011. She believes she is owed more than $393,000 (£248k, €289k) plus damages.

Gaga says none of her employees get paid overtime, adding O’Neill knew ‘exactly what she was getting into, and she knew there was no overtime, and I never paid her overtime the first time I hired her, so why should she be paid overtime the second time?’

‘This whole case is bullshit,’ she said.

The pop star said her former assistant, who was paid $75,000 (£47k, €55k) a year, slept in Egyptian cotton sheets, partied most nights, wore the singer’s clothes, and asked designer Yves Saint Laurent to send her free shoes without permission.

O’Neill’s job, Gaga said, ‘was essentially a favor, and Jennifer was majorly unqualified for it.’

Rather than paying off O’Neill, Gaga said, ‘I’m going to give all the money that she wants to my employees that work hard for me now that deserve it.

‘I’m not going to give it to her so she can go to Intermix and buy herself a new tube top.’

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