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WATCH: Lady Gaga and Joe Biden team up in new PSA for sexual assault survivors

WATCH: Lady Gaga and Joe Biden team up in new PSA for sexual assault survivors

Joe Biden and Lady Gaga in the PSA

Talk about an epic team-up. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Lady Gaga join forces in a new PSA for sexual assault survivors.

In 2014, Biden and former President Barack Obama created the ‘It’s On Us’ campaign. The main purpose of the movement is to end sexual assault on college campuses.

There is also a deeper purpose to fundamentally shift and re-think the way we think and talk about sexual assault.

Now Gaga is joining their forces, speaking up about intervening and encouraging survivors to seek support.

‘Lady Gaga has been the voice for people who have been forgotten, the people that have been abused,’ Biden says, introducing the singer. ‘It happened to her and she’s shown enormous courage. We want to make it real clear: It’s on us, it’s on everyone to intervene, to stop abuse when they see it.’

Gaga, sitting beside Biden, with her hands on his shoulder and arms, chimes in to remind everyone that men are victims too.

She continues: ‘I am a sexual assault survivor. I know the effects, the aftermath, the trauma ― psychological, physical, mental. It can be terrifying waking up every day feeling unsafe in your own body.’

Furthermore, this is hardly the first time Gaga’s used her voice to speak up about sexual assault.

In 2015, she released the song Till It Happens to You for the documentary The Hunting Ground. It won a Satellite Award and also earned an Academy Award nomination.

She also joined several other celebrities last year to express their support for Kesha.

Anyone can take the It’s On Us pledge at the website.