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Lady Gaga reveals her gay hair stylist inspired the song ‘Hair’

Lady Gaga reveals her gay hair stylist inspired the song ‘Hair’

Frederic Aspiras and Lady Gaga | Photo: Instagram/fredericaspiras

Lady Gaga has paid tribute to her long-term gay hair stylist Frederic Aspiras, revealing he was the inspiration for her classic album track ‘Hair’.

The superstar presented Frederic Aspiras with the hair artist of the year at the Daily Front Row’s annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday.

In a 15-minute speech, Gaga reportedly said: ‘He’s not just, in my eyes, the greatest hairstylist in the world, he’s the brother I never had. He’s truly one of my best friends in the whole world.’

She furthermore added: ‘I witness fearless passion running through you every day.’

‘She inspires me to be a better person’

Aspiras meanwhile told The Hollywood Reporter of Gaga: ‘She’s my inspiration.

‘We’ve been working for 10 years and every day she inspires me to be a better person and to be true to who I am and to love myself.’

He also told the crowd while accepting his award that it was hard ‘growing up gay, being Asian, and not being able to express yourself at such a young age.’

The ceremony took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday.

Lady Gaga recently won the Best Song Oscar for her hit Shallow with Bradley Cooper, from the movie A Star Is Born.

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