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Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance named the best music video of the 21st century

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance named the best music video of the 21st century

A close up of Lady Gaga's face in the bad romance video

Music critics have named Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video, as the best of the 21st century.

Staff at Billboard voted for their top videos of the past 18 years. Both Lady Gaga and Beyoncé dominating the top 20.

Billboard said the music industry has changed a lot over the 21st century, music videos are still very important.

‘The music video still reigns paramount in the pop world, as a conversation-starter, as a starmaker, as a cementer of legacy,’ Billboard wrote.

‘Though the ways we consume music videos in 2018 would’ve been almost unthinkable at century’s start, the impact they have on our lives and pop culture remains relatively similar.’

Lady Gaga released Bad Romance in 2009 as the first single from her career-defining album, the Fame Monster.

In its praise for the video, Billboard reflected that at the time it was a ‘stripped-down’ style for Lady Gaga.

‘It offered a glimpse into an entire cinematic world that thrilled and disturbed in equal measure, expanding the possibilities of what a music video could achieve — and challenging other stars to step their game up at the same time,’ one of Billboard’s critics wrote.

‘Bad Romance features some of her most gorgeous music-video looks — as silly as it seems now in the post-Joanne era, the video was praised by some critics for the “stripped-down” and “normal” makeup on display — as well as her most unsettling.

‘With Bad Romance, she took the old standard for great music videos and set it aflame, then got to work building a new one.’

Beyoncé and Gaga

Lady Gaga’s Telephone, featuring Beyoncé also made it into the top 20 at number 14. Her hit Paparazzi landed at number 40 on the list.

Beyoncé, Missy Elliot and Britney Spears were other artists whose works feature multiple times in the list. Beyoncé had three songs in the top 20 alone. Billboard named Formation the fourth best video of this century, Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) landed at eighth and Telephone at 14.

Her homemade video for 7/11 made it to number 56 on the list.

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