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Is the lady of the house there? Meet the iRetrophone

A classic take on a modern necessity

Is the lady of the house there? Meet the iRetrophone

A retro feel take on a modern product is a great way of adding timeless appeal to your everyday goods and gadgets.

None more so than your trusty iPhone.

Harking back to more traditional values – long before texting, let alone mobile browsing – the iRetrophone is a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with working handset offering complete compatibility with a USB cable.

If you want to be really retro, remember that Quentin Crisp always answered his phone with the words ‘Hello Lord’ – just in case. If he had an iPhone, this would be where he would dock it.

Styled on a traditional telephone set, the hand-sculpted and hand-cast docking point houses all models of iPhone from 3G right through to 4S in the position where the rotary phone dial once would have been, uniting all the functionalities of the modern smartphone with a timeless classic look.

Created from heavy-duty urethane resin the iRetrophone is a stable, functional work station that routes voice communications through the included handset and accommodates sync and charge functions via a USB cable (not included).

The iRetrofone base also helps eliminate concerns about radiation.

Available in black or white from

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