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Bisexual stripper writes heartfelt poem about his sexuality

Bisexual stripper writes heartfelt poem about his sexuality

This poem, called Ladybug, is very literal.

I wrote the poem after my adult daughter and her new boyfriend came for a Sunday afternoon visit.

They had just spent the weekend in Toronto and were telling my wife and I about the great time they had.

But they made a point of not asking me what I did on Saturday. Somehow the pause for my turn did not come up.

My wife and daughter were both terrified I would say something to embarrass them in front of my future son-in-law.

In fact, I had a much more interesting time in Toronto than anyone else.

I spent Saturday afternoon go-go dancing, naked on stage at a private club, dressed as a ladybug.

I belong to a male nudist group that holds monthly dances.

Over a year ago, I began attending in order to help me get reacquainted with my body. I decided then to attend every dance in costume. I also decided to become the (un)official go-go dancer for the group.

That particular weekend was the first time, after six months of dancing and lobbying, that I had the stage lit up specifically for my performance.

I danced for hours and it was a real personal triumph.

And so the sadness of silence, of quiet shame and bi erasure overwhelmed me that weekend.

I had deferred to the group and I was silent about what I had accomplished. However, bad times make for a great poem:

Ladybug – A poem

A simple not speaking of

A simple not mentioning

A simple pause and turning

Refer not to me nor who I am

Encourage this vagueness

And shame me in to silence

My poetry is published

My unicorn unchained

I feel so brave and proud


Which poems?

What book?

Bisexual poetry

Bisexual book

Bisexual me

And now the silence

The quieting of me

This won’t come up again

Family is visiting today

My turn never comes

They’ve learned not to ask

So I do not tell of MY Saturday

At the private club

Dancing naked on stage

Me all smiles and ringing laughter

Eyes shining and muscles flowing

Beautiful in my ladybug costume


I now dance about once a week at different venues in Toronto, either as a stripper or go-go dancer.

It is slowly building for me.

It transcends what people enjoy about art and dance; that is the sexual component of performance.

I have danced for gay men, gay women, trans persons and straight men and women.

The audiences are sometimes middle-aged plus but at other times everyone in the club was under 30.


Being bisexual gives me the unique opportunity to visit and experience different sexual realms.

Sometimes I am made welcome and other times I am cruelly and repeatedly excluded. I have met ageism, sexism, racism and gender divides across many groups.

It is tough slogging sometimes but how else does one grow their wings (or bunny ears)?

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