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Ladyhawke marries actress Madeleine Sami

Ladyhawke marries actress Madeleine Sami

New Zealand singer Ladyhawke and girlfriend Madeleine Sami tied the knot over the weekend.

Ladyhawke, real name Pip Brown, married the actress just outside her hometown Masterton on a sunny Saturday (10 January) afternoon.

Up to 200 guests attended the wedding, including Academy Award-nominated director Taika Waititi.

Over the years, Pip Brown has been tight-lipped about her relationship with Sami, whom she lives with in in Los Angeles.

The musician is known for her international hits My Delirium and Paris is Burning as well as her love of men’s clothing.

Ahead of the wedding, a source told the New Zealand Herald that neither bride was expected to wear a dress for the occasion.

‘She’ll be wearing the trousers, apparently. She never wears dresses,’ they said.

‘There’ll be over 200 people there. It’s going to be quite big and lots of celebs.’

Sami from Auckland has had roles in Sione’s Wedding, Outrageous Fortune and Top of the Lake and sings in a band alongside her sisters as The Sami Sisters.

Watch the video for My Delirium below: